What's included with my rent?

Your rent at the School House Lofts includes all utilities, super fast 100mb fiber Wi-Fi with a dedicated wireless access point in each unit, furniture and all appliances.  One monthly installment includes everything!

What furnishings are in my bedroom?

Your bedroom at the School House Lofts will have a bed with mattress, desk and chair.  All bedrooms are furnished with a full-size XL bed and mattress.  Get in touch with us for more details.

Is School House Lofts part of EWU? Can I live here as a Freshman?

School House Lofts are NOT on-campus housing and we are not affilliated with EWU.  As required by EWU; all full-time, single, first-year students of Eastern Washington University who are under twenty-one years of age are required to live in university residence hall facilities throughout their first year at the university.   Here is the EWU housing requirement: https://access.ewu.edu/housing/prospectiveresidents/housing-requirement 

Do I need a co-signer?

Yes, each student renting a bedroom at the School House Lofts will need a co-signer, which we call a "guarantor".

Do you have roommate matching?

Yes, we can help you in finding roommates for your suite, just let us know.  What to advertise for  your own roommate - we recommend Roomster.

Do you allow pets or smoking?

There is no smoking allowed and no pets allowed anywhere on the property or in the building at the School House Lofts.  With our shared suites, you'll have other roommates who may have allergies or conditions that are not compatible with pets or smoking.